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The Veida elects a number of official Tafkidim (positions) for the coming movement year. If you are interested in standing for one of the following, please read the relevant job description and submit the form by the deadline to be announced. Every applicant will also be given a short time to address the Veida before the voting commences.

NIVCHARIM – Six Bogrim elected to represent the official voice of the Movement to the Mazkirut. Also responsible to ensure that the Mazkirut are acting according to the direction desired by the Movement. The Nivcharim work together with the Mazkirut to put on events and appoint the next Mazkirut.

BOARD OF DEPUTIES – Elected to represent the Movement at the Board of Deputies of British Jews. (Number required TBC)

CONSISTENCY EDITOR – Elected to work alongside members of the Hanhalla to remove errors and mistakes from the Standing Orders (Constitution).

Veida Tafkidim Job Descriptions

Sorry. This form is no longer available.