Summer Machane 5780

We are excited to launch our programme of day trips and activities for children in Years 3-11! You can see a full list of activities taking place across the country below, and follow the location buttons for more details and to sign up .

You can see a full schedule at the bottom of this page.

We have split Machane into two types of day

  • Summer Day Trips (a variety trips to external locations and attractions e.g. theme parks etc.)
  • Summer Machane Activities (a recreation of a normal Machane day, with tochniot, kvutsot, chugim and more.)

PLEASE NOTE: There is a different application form for the Day Trips, and Summer Machane activities. If you wish to attend both, you will need to fill in both forms. These can be found by following the buttons below.

Face to Face Peulot and Games

Bring some Ruach and join your Madrichim in your local area for Summer Machane where you live! Enjoy all your favourite Machane Tochniot, Kvutsot, Chugim - from hummus making to obstacles courses and everything in between!

Awesome Day Trips

Get together with your Shevet and head out together on a number of awesome day trips! Get your adrenaline going at a number of theme parks and Go Ape, explore the great outdoors with Water Tiyulim and visits to the Zoo and more!

Treasure Hunts, Colour Wars and More!

Get active around London and Manchester with city-wide treasure hunts prepared by your Madrichim, and wide-games at a venue near you! Get your colour war kit on with some classic Machane Tochniot!

Activity Packs Delivered to your Door

Get ready-made packs delivered to your door by your Madrichim - with games, activities, crafts, baking and more! You can join your friends and Shevet online for some great Madrichim-led challenges and competitions.

Graffiti Workshops

Don't miss out on an awesome Graffiti workshop running at the Manchester and London Batim! Come together for some socially distanced fun and creativity and take home your Machane masterpiece

A Farming Experience

Thanks to Family Belson, you can join us at Happylands Farm for a day of exciting activities! Learn how to be a blacksmith, plant fruits and vegetables, collect eggs from chickens and visit the horses! The farm is located 40 minutes north of London



Q: What are you able to run this summer?
A: We have put together a schedule of Day Trips (outings to attractions) and Day Activities (a recreation of Summer Machane with tochniot, kvutsot, chugim and more). These are for all children in Years 6-11. For Year 3-5 we have our Machane Ari day camp at the Batim, with an additional week added for Key Workers. The full programme will run from 27th July – 15th August. You can see the full schedule at
Q: Is there limited space, or a booking deadline for these activities?
A: We have tried to plan for as many participants as possible and hope everyone who wants to come will be able to. However certain activities will have limitations due to space and social distancing, in particular those run at our Batim. We recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Should we reach maximum capacity for any activity, we will do all we can to open up additional days or events for those that still want to attend.
Q: What about Residential Camps?
A: We are still hopeful we might be able to run something residential, and are looking into the options within the current guidelines. Whilst we will be able to arrange something at short notice, we imagine a rough deadline of mid to late July for a decision on this.
Q: What transport options are there for the day activities?
A: At the moment coach companies are able to run at 50% capacity. We are happy to book coaches for you if parents are interested, although as a result of the capacity reduction the cost will be significantly higher than normal (we estimate £20-£30 per child, per journey). Please let us know if you would like us to look into this further.
Q: What are you doing to make your activities are ‘Covid-Secure’?
A: Whilst we all want our children to have a great summer, the health of our participants, their families and our Madrichim is the most important consideration. All activities will be socially distanced, incorporate small ‘bubbles’, use PPE where required, and there will be a strict hygiene protocol for toilets, shared facilities and equipment. Any child not following the guidelines will be removed from the group immediately. Any child who feels ill will be removed from the group immediately and will have to be collected. Please do not send any child who has been ill. All our procedures and practices will be in line with government guidelines and we are keeping a close eye on any updates. If we feel we can not ensure the safety of our activities, they may be cancelled at any point. We need to all be sensible and look out for each other. Stay alert. Stay safe.
Q: What are the financial implications of these Day Activities compared to Residential Machane?
A: Any family who has signed up for residential Summer Machane can request a refund should you wish. Alternatively, you can use that credit to pay for day activities, sign up for Winter Machane, or keep it in the system for future events. Should we be able to run a residential at short notice, families will again have the option to refund their day trips, or re-sign up to residentials. Residential refunds will be available with the conditions set out in previous emails until the end of the summer, so their is no risk in waiting and seeing what happens. We want to be as flexible as possible to help each family as they need, and request in turn your support and patience through this difficult time.
Q: How will this affect the normal BA calendar, in particular for those in Year 10 & 11?
A: We want the calendar to get back to normal as soon as possible. For Year 10 children who have missed out on a residential to South Africa, we are looking into running a special Winter Machane. If you would be interested in this, please let us know. Year 11 children who have been unable to go on Israel Machane will be able to attend our re-scheduled Israel programmes either this Winter (H-Course) or next Summer, as well as any of the day trips this summer. If the Israel programme is next summer, it will not clash with regular Machanot and they will still be able to be Madrichim.
If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Winter Machane

Warm up your Winter with Bnei Akiva, at our awesome Machanot (camps) for Years 6-12. All the Bnei Akiva camps are run by volunteers, who go through a selection process from which only the most talented, responsible, capable and committed leaders are chosen.

Provisional Dates: 21st-28th December 2020


En-suite bedrooms | Common rooms | Indoor swimming pool | Table-tennis tables | First class facilities and more!


YEAR 6/7

Aleph is specially designed to cater for our younger members, many of whom have never been to camp before. Our trained Madrichim aim to draw out and develop the individual talents and self-expression of each child in an atmosphere conducive to fun, learning and creativity.

Price: £TBC



Put down your books, pack your bag and come to camp! For an amazing week of fun, catching up with your friends and even making some new ones, as well as strengthening your Bnei Akiva identity – the memories will last forever.

Price: £TBC



On Haroeh you will experience an action packed week learning about Israel and the people who dreamt of rebuilding our homeland. You will also see how Shevet Haroeh can start to make a difference in the world.

Price: £TBC



Gimmel is a special Machane, as the year group receives its own Shevet name!

The theme of the camp is looking at being Jewish in the modern world. Gimmel will provide the perfect forum for discussions, and we also ensure that the Shevet leaves Machane with a real passion and a sense of responsibility to start a chessed project of their own with Bnei Akiva

Prince: £TBC



A unique Machane for our Year 12 Chanichim, and a must for those who wish to become Bnei Akiva Madrichim in the future. The ‘H’ stands for Hadracha (leadership), and this course will guide you through the skills needed to be a Madrich/a.

The week will end a visit to a younger Machane and become Madrich for a day!

Price: £TBC


All of Bnei Akiva’s machanot are run by dedicated volunteers. From Technikim to Madrichim, and from Head Cooks to Roshim and Sganim; Bnei Akiva needs you to keep running our fantastic machanot.


Please take time to read through some of our policies below. For more information feel free to get in touch with the office.

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