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Dates: 29th July-11th August 2024

Aleph (year 6) dates: 29th July- 7th August 2024

Ari (year 3-5):

London: 29th July-2nd August 2024

Manchester: 12th August – 16th August 2024

Machane Ari

Years 3-5

An exciting day camp in memory of Arieh Handler. Each camp day will run from 9.30am – 3.30pm, with early drop off and late pick-up available. As well as fantastic Bnei Akiva Tochniot and Peulot, you can expect amazing activities including arts and crafts, wide games, external entertainers, puzzles, sports and a BIG adventure.


29th July – 2nd August



Year 6

Chanichim will be heading off to an amazing site in the UK with a schedule packed full of awesome activities, outstanding outings and brilliant Bnei Akiva Ruach! Aleph Machane will be staying in a purpose built building, complete with activity rooms, dining facilities and fantastic grounds and woodland to explore. During their 10 days on camp they will experience their first taste of Bnei Akiva Machane. On Aleph, Chanichim will be travelling in the footsteps of our forefathers and foremothers, taking a journey through stories of the Torah in so many exciting ways. Our aim is to develop individual talents and self-expression in a fun and creative atmosphere!


29th July – 7th August 2024


Aleph Chalutzi

Year 7

Chanichim will be heading off to an amazing site, with a schedule packed full of awesome activities, outstanding outings and brilliant Bnei Akiva Ruach! Aleph Chalutzi will be taking place at our first class campsite, where Chanichim will benefit from fantastic indoor facilities, as well as a purpose built tent village! The Chanichim will become Chalutzim and experience Machane under canvas. They will learn some vital outdoor survival skills, enjoying a fantastic team experience and form some special friendships and bonds. At Aleph Chalutzi the Chanichim will learn about inspirational characters from Tanach.


29th July – 11th August 2024


Bet Base

Year 8

Chanichim will be heading off to an amazing site with a schedule packed full of adventure activities! The chanichim will be off-site visiting attractions, experiencing adventurous pursuits, and building memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! Staying on an amazing site, complete with activity rooms, dining facilities and fantastic grounds and woodland to explore. Over the course of Machane they will have fantastic Bnei Akiva tochniot, education and ruach, whilst also experiencing exciting off site adventure activities! We have never done a Machane as adventurous as this, so come along and join us on a journey into the great outdoors! The theme of Bet Base is ‘from Galut to Geula’, Chanichim will learn all about the Jewish people’s journey from exile to redemption!


29th July – 11th August 2024


Bet Chalutzi

Year 9

This year, Bet Chalutzi will be heading off to Denmark! During this time they will experience the beautiful countryside on Tiyulim and have exciting day-trips where they will connect and engage with the Jewish history of the country. Not only will the Chanichim have a fantastic educational experience, but they will also be staying at a fantastic brand-new site. Chanichim will also benefit from fantastic activities planned by our brilliant madrichim all around the theme of Medina Bevinyana- building the state, and of course some epic Bnei Akiva Ruach.


29th July – 11th August 2024



Year 10

Gimmel will be embarking on a brand new programme! Chanichim will be beginning Machane at our amazing site in the UK, before getting on the Eurotunnel to begin an exciting 4 day ‘interrailing’ experience visiting 3 different European countries including Disneyland Paris, before returning back to our campsite for the rest of an amazing Machane!! Gimmel Machane is all about Hayehudi Hadati B’olam Moderni, spend time discovering what it means to be a Jew in the modern world and strengthening your identity. With memorable Bnei Akiva Ruach from your favourite Madrichim, this will be a mind blowing, wonderful Machane experience that you will never forget!


29th July – 11th August 2024



Warm up your Winter with Bnei Akiva, at our awesome Machanot (camps) for Years 6-12. All Bnei Akiva camps are run by our amazing volunteer Madrichim, who go through our training programmes to ensure they are the most talented, responsible, capable and committed leaders for your children.

Provisional Dates Coming Soon


Aleph is specially designed to cater for our younger members, many of whom have never been to camp before. Our trained Madrichim aim to draw out and develop the individual talents and self-expression of each child in an atmosphere conducive to fun, learning and creativity.


Put down your screens, pack your bag and come to camp! For an amazing week of fun, catching up with your friends and making some new ones, as well as strengthening your Bnei Akiva identity – the memories will last forever.


On Haroeh you will experience an action packed week learning about Israel and the people who dreamt of rebuilding our homeland.  You will also see how Shevet Haroeh can start to make a difference in the world.


Gimmel is a special machane, as the year group that has been formed over previous machanot receives its own Shevet name, which carries the year group’s idea throughout the years. Don’t miss out on a fantastic Bnei Akiva milestone!


This is a very special machane for our Year 12 chanichim, and is a must for those who wish to become Bnei Akiva madrichim in the future.  The ‘H’ stands for Hadracha (leadership), and this course will guide you through the skills that will stay with you for life, not just for machane.

The week will end with all the theory that you have learnt being put into practice.  You will make a visit to a younger machane and become madrich for a day.

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All of Bnei Akiva’s machanot are run by dedicated volunteers. From Technikim to Madrichim, Roshim and Sganim; Bnei Akiva needs you to keep running our fantastic machanot.

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