Friends of Bnei Akiva is a registered charity whose stated aims are to promote Jewish religious education and provide educational and vocational training for Jewish youth.

As part of our 80th Birthday celebrations we are launching a new campaign '£80k for 80 Years'.

Each year Bachad's running costs exceed £80k, much of which is from the awarding of bursaries.
Please join us in pledging £80 per year as a standing order - that's just £6.66 per month! We hope to reach 1000 of our dedicated alumni and families over the course of 2019, and in this way, ensure the stability and continuity of Bachad

Friends of Bnei Akiva works closely, in a spirit of friendship and co-operation, with Bnei Akiva. Its members, made up of parents, former members and well-wishers, fundraise for capital projects, as well as supporting Bnei Akiva with funds for its educational work.

Friends of Bnei Akiva also provide grants for needy individual children to go towards the cost of various Bnei Akiva camps, Israel trips, and other events.

Only in Britain is there this unique partnership spanning the generations. It happens in no other country and for no other movement.

We need your support to help us achieve all of the above. We are grateful for all donations, big or small. Click on the button above to donate, or email [email protected] for more details.