Svivot (local branches) are the lifeblood of Bnei Akiva.

We are pleased to introduce our Kadima weekend programme from October 2020 - March 2021. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Svivot (local branches) are the lifeblood of Bnei Akiva. They meet in numerous locations across the United Kingdom weekly. Every Shabbat hundreds of chanichim (young members) take part in activities, have fun with their friends and learn about the topic of the week. Svivot allow chanichim to have fun in a safe environment with their peers whilst also learning about Israel and Judaism. As a Religious Zionist, Modern Orthodox youth movement,our ideology of Torah, Avodah and Aliyah are at the forefront of everything Bnei Akiva does and Svivot are no exception.

Our madrichim (leaders) are DBS checked and trained to look after the welfare of the chanichim. They are also given extensive training in hadracha (leadership skills) ensuring the Svivot experience is of the highest quality. This also allows our madrichim to learn new skills, empowering and inspiring Jewish youth.

Between January and March Svivot will be holding their annual famous Shabbatot Ha’Irgun. Each local branch will be holding Friday Night, Shabbat services, Shabbat lunch and many exciting tochniot (activities). Click the button to see the dates of Shabbat Ha’Irgun in your area!

Shabbat Ha'Irgun Booking

Have a look below to find out about your local sviva. For more information, click on the sviva name. For svivot news or details contact the Svivot Fieldworker at [email protected]

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