Veida 5782 will take place on Monday 26th Tammuz (25th July)

Veida is the Annual General Meeting of Bnei Akiva UK. We are a movement run by our members, and it is the youth who decide how we should operate. During Veida, there is the opportunity to shape the movement for the future through ideological debate and the proposing of motions.

There are two main parts to Veida.

One part is where we discuss motions proposed by members of the Tnua. Motions can be “Ordinary Motions,” see below for examples of Ordinary Motions passed in the last few years, or “Constitutional Amendments,” which change the Standing Orders (Constitution) of Bnei Akiva, see the current version below. Use the link on the right (or below on a mobile) to submit a motion.

The other part of Veida is the hustings. Bogrim can run to be a nivchar/eret or Bnei Akiva’s representative to the Board of Deputies, and anyone can run to be a part of the panel to check and edit the Standing Orders for spelling, grammar and consistency errors. Use the links on the right (or below on a mobile) to read the job descriptions or apply for any of these tafkidim. All applications must be submitted by midday on Sunday 24th July.

The way that discussions, amendments, motions (and everything in between!) works as Veida can seem very complicated. It’s all laid out in the Standing Orders (Constitution), but we’ve put together a handy flowchart which may explain it better! Click on the link on the right (or below on a mobile) to see it.


The notes taken as a record of Veida 5781 are available on request from [email protected]