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Working Together Towards More Powerful & Meaningful Tefillah
The Machane Tefillah Initative was started in Summer 5782 to encourage a fresh and serious approach to davening on Machane. There is a unique chance to present tefillah in this context as an opportunity, rather than a burden.
There are many avenues to achieve this which are presented below with an array of resources to help deepen our connection to tefillah both on machane and throughout the year!
Click here for graphics for page numbers, Modim, The Amidah, Birkot Hashachar and more!
Text Resources
Click here for short written ideas, explanations, chaburot and discussion questions
Click here for recordings to help learn to lead or familiarise yourself with various services.
Click here for resources which help gabbaim organise tefillah with page numbers, aliyot guides and special prayers
Machane Tefillah Companion 5782 (Outdated)
Israel Machane Tefillah Guide 5783ย