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Asher Cailingold's History of Bnei Akiva

In the year 2000 Asher Cailingold wrote a chapter on the history of Bnei Akiva and Bachad in the book titled ‘The Jewish Emigrant from Britain, 1700-2000’


Malcolm Weiner's Memories

I went to camp as a chanich every year from 1958 (age 9) till 1965, and then as a madrich. I was Rosh Machaneh of Coach Machaneh in 1971 and Bet Base in 1972, before spending a year on the Mazkirut as Camps Organizer in 1971.
I was a member of Hachsharah in Lavi in 1967-8. Machzor Daled.
Rosh Snif of North London (70 Cazenov Road ) 1970-1.
I came on ALIYAH TO ALUMIM as a member of the Garin in 1972
The picture is from Machaneh Pately Bridge 1963. In the middle holding his jersey is as he was then Jonathan Sacks and to his left is former President of the Board of Deputies Vivian Wineman.

Malcolm Weiner is in Shevet Nachshon and now lives on Kibbutz Alumim

Victor Ofstein's Memories

I was a Chanich on every camp ’81-’89 and then a┬áMadrich at multiple camps ’88-’92. At Sviva I was a┬áMadrich in Hendon ’87-’89, before becoming Rosh Sviva Hendon ’92-’93

I was also a Rosh Machane Winter ’92, Israel Machane Madrich ’93, and delegate to Veida Olamit Winter ’91

The pictures below are from AC 1983 in Dorking, and BB 1984 in Gloucestershire. I can name every person in them!

Victor Ofstein is in Shevet Hechalutz.

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Key Events

1964 – BASI Created

1966 – Arieh Handler becomes Chairman of Bachad

1967 – Willesden Bayit opened

1970 – Queen Elizabeth greets Chaverim at US Centenary

1976 – First Mazkira – Chana Bayer

1986 – Offices move to 2 Hallswelle Road

Images from the era