Summer Machane

By May 4, 2018News
Ari (years 3-6) – 29th July – 2nd August
Aleph (year 6) – 5th-14th August
AC, BB, BC (years 7-9) – 1st – 14th of August 2019 (provisional)
Gimmel (year 10) – 31st July – 14th August 
Join Bnei Akiva this Summer around the world!
Every summer and winter Bnei Akiva is the place to be as we run our fantastic machanot (camps) for Years 3-12. All the Bnei Akiva camps are run by volunteers, who go through a selection process from which only the most talented, responsible, capable and committed leaders are chosen.

The camps include:

  • Hours of fun and educational activities.
  • Sports, crafts and discussion workshops.
  • Day trips and special outdoor activities.
  • A unique experience of a Religious Zionist lifestyle in the modern world.
  • A chance to spend time with friends and meet new people from across the UK!

On top of this, the camps are carried out in the very special atmosphere, which only Bnei Akiva can offer. We pride ourselves on our informal Jewish education. Each camp has a separate theme and unique structure with each day dealing with a different aspect of this topic.

Summer Machane applications are open for Ari, Aleph, Aleph Chalutzi, Gimmel and Israel Machane.

Machane Ari

Time: 9.30am-3.30pm (8.45 early drop off, 4.30pm late pick up)
Venue: Manchester Bayit (Salford), London Bayit (Temple Fortune)
As well as fantastic Bnei Akiva tochniot and peulot, here is an example of what your children can expect:
Welcome activities, Arts & Crafts, Sports, Music, Wide Games
The BIG Adventure! Both Manchester and London chanichim will meet somewhere in the country for an exciting day out!
External entertainer, Arts & Crafts, Dancing, Sports, Puzzles/Games
Exciting outings in London and Manchester!
Puzzles/Games, Movie Making, A Pizza Lunch, Oneg Shabbat
Gimmel Machane

We’ve teamed up with our Bnei Akiva Chaverim to bring you to their world class and bespoke Machane site. You can expect:

  • Your very own beautiful private beach on Machane.
  • An unbelievable tiyul on the Garden Route.
  • Loads of sports – football, volleyball, netball, indoor basketball and all the sporting equipment you could wish for!
  • A qualified full time team of medics and CSO guards on duty 24 hours a day.
  • Well balanced delicious meals and excellent menus catered by professional staff.
  • Memorable Bnei Akiva ruach from your favourite Madrichim
  • A mind blowing, wonderful Machane experience that you will never forget!


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