Summer in London



PLEASE NOTE: All of the below activities are subject to change or cancellation based on developing Government guidelines, and our ability to run them in a safe and Covid-Secure environment.

All our events will follow Government guidelines to ensure they are Covid-Secure. No child will be allowed to attend any ‘in person’ event this summer if they are feeling unwell, or show any signs of Covid-19 symptoms. Please help us protect each other – stay alert, stay safe.

Coach transport is available, but only at 50% capacity. We will give parents the option to book this in the coming weeks once we have a clearer idea of numbers. Please be aware this will be more expensive that normal.

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Just because there’s a pandemic, that doesn’t mean Machane has to stop!

Sign up for as many days as you like of ‘Summer Machane Days’ and your Madrichim will plan a huge variety of epic activities for you. Thanks to the Belson Family, all activities will take place at Happylands Farm with tochniot, kvutsot, peulot and a farm experience visiting horses, hens, collecting eggs, a blacksmith’s forge and more!

Each year group will visit the farm 3 times, with the following schedule:

Visit 1 – 9.30am-5.00pm – A Bnei Akiva Summer Machane day recreated without the residential! Tochniot, Kvutsot, Chugim and more!

Visit 2 – 9.30am-5.00pm – A Farm Experience! Collect eggs, clean chickens, pick and plant vegetables, groom horses, pick blackberries, enjoy a tractor ride, see a working forge demo and more!

Visit 3 – 3.00pm-10.30pm – Afternoon activities followed by a group bonfire and bbq dinner under the stars! Not to be missed! (You can drop off later if 3.00pm is not possible due to work)

Join us at Go Ape for some swinging in the trees followed by group bonding and a tiyul. The activities will run for approximately 3 hours.

Parents will need to drop children off, and are more than welcome to stay for the duration and there are walking trails and picnic tables in the area.

Timings TBC

All years groups from Years 6-11 will be able to join us at Thorpe Park during Week 1, and then Alton Towers on Thursday 13th for a mega BA day out with Chanichim from across the country. Coaches are avialable, or you can arrange your own transport, and parents are more than welcome to stay and buy their own ticket for the park.

Spend a day out picking delicious fruit at a local farm!

More details TBC

Join us at the London Bayit for a Graffiti Workshop!

Create your own artistic masterpiece that you can take home with you. Age groups will be spread throughout the day, so check out what time your yeargroup can attend below.

*Updated Times*

Years 6-7 – 9.00am-10.45am – SOLD OUT

Years 8-9 – 11.00am-12.45pm

Years 10-11 – 1.15pm-3.00pm

Come and make a difference with Bnei Akiva by volunteering with your Madrichim at a local charity.

We’ll end the day with an epic Tiyul that’s not to be missed! More details TBC

Year 6-7 can join us for a day at the Zoo!

Explore the Zoo with groups led by your Madrichim, visiting all the atractions and animals.

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A special camp open to anyone with Key Worker parents. #thankyouNHS
The entire Tnua is invited to join us for a Bnei Akiva havdalah to mark the official end of our Summer programming
A huge thank you to the Belson family for allowing us use of their farm in Hertfordshire