Summer Just Got Real

Year 11, 8th – 22nd July 2021

There has never been a Machane like this.

Taking place on an amazing Scottish Island and in beautiful mountains and lochs. We will travel round enjoying the natural beauty, stunning scenery and truly thrilling activities; including hiking, water sports and other cool surprises!

You’ve been inside for too long and deserve a break.

Bnei Akiva are taking you to stunning places with all your friends.

This is Seenai Machane.

Due to a huge demand for Seenai Machane, we have had to close applications and we have opened a waiting list. If space does become available, we will be in touch. Please apply to be on the waiting list below.

If you have any questions, please call 0208 209 1913 ext. 3 or email [email protected]

Covid-19 & Insurance


COVID-19 - We are hopeful that summer programming can go ahead as normal, but all programmes are subject to change/cancellation. We encourage all participants to join the group insurance policy, or ensure you have your own insurance cover.

Classic Machane Experiences

It may be taking place over the summer, but this Machane will be like no other. We have taken this opportunity and designed Seenai Machane from the ground up with loads of new activities and stunning sites – both indoors and under canvass. We recognise that you are our oldest Chanichim so we will give you as much freedom as possible!

Action Packed Activities

Enjoy all the classic elements of Machane whilst staying on a beautiful island in Scotland. Your favourite Madrichim are back to make sure you have the most amazing time ever whilst taking in the beautiful Scottish scenery!

Then push yourself to the limit as we travel round the mountains, lakes, lochs and countryside, and take on extreme, adrenaline-fueled activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, abseiling and so much more!

Quality Time with Friends

Of course, you will still have the chance to learn, bond and grow in a Bnei Akiva environment. We know how hard you have worked and how difficult this year has been. We recognise that you want to spend time outdoors with friends, so we want this camp to be a reward for getting through this difficult time and just an all-round amazing experience!