What does Religious Zionism mean to you?

By June 7, 2017

Join us on Tuesday for a Leil Iyun on Religious Zionism

The Evening will begin with a Keynote Speaker Miriam Peretz an inspirational speaker from Israel. In November 1998, Uriel, Peretz’s son was fatally wounded by an explosive device planted by Hezbollah terrorists. He was 22. Miriam transformed the pain over his death into education and volunteer service. She began to visit schools and military bases, talking about her son’s leadership vision.

Tragically, in March 2010 Miriam was forced to face another test. Her second son, Major Eliraz Peretz, was killed in an exchange of fire in the Gaza Strip. Eliraz, who was 32, left behind a wife and four children, including a baby just two months old.

Overnight, the mother who lost two sons as well as her husband, whose heart couldn’t bear the death of his oldest son became a symbol of grief and of strength.

In December 2010, IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi awarded her a medal of appreciation. He said: Miriam’s ability to continue to express her deep pain and channel it into a contribution to the education and formation of future generations, serves as an example and model of inspiration for us all

This will be followed by a Bogrims panel with Chana Bernstein, Samuel Myerson and Daniel Saul Moses where they will be discussing what Religious Zionism means to them and challenges that those ideologies may have today. We will be asking presubmitted questions to the panel, so if you would like to submit a question please email [email protected] by midday on Monday the 12th