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Bnei Akiva inspires and empowers young Jews with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the Torah.

For more than 80 years Hachshara has played a part in shaping and training the future leaders of Bnei Akiva and Jewish communities around the world.

Hachshara is a vital component in your Bnei Akiva journey, when you can devote time to learning Jewish texts, develop independently and explore your identity.


Torani is designed to enhance your year of learning. When you’re not in Yeshiva or Midrasha, we’ll provide a variety of programmes to let you live and feel the pulse of the Land of Israel.

We are your family in Israel. You’ll be more independent than you’ve ever been in your life, yet you can relax in the knowledge that your needs are being looked after. From welcoming you at Ben Gurion airport and taking you to your Yeshiva or Midrasha, to arranging Shabbat hospitality for you whenever you need, you can always rely on us to be there for you.

Torani gives you a head start on your Bnei Akiva journey. It will enhance your development and prepare you to fill advanced leadership roles in Bnei Akiva and beyond.

Midreshet Amit

Midreshet Amit, located in Jerusalem, offers an amazing combination of challenging Torah study along with a life-changing chesed experience. The Midrasha provides a serious learning experience with warm staff, who are committed to teaching and encouraging the students to advance their learning through a variety of exciting course options. Their home is Beit Hayeled, a foster home for Israeli children run by the Amit network, and students’ connection to the people of Israel will be deepened through the unique experience of living and interacting daily with disadvantaged Israeli youth and dedicated foster parents.

Midreshet Harova

Midreshet Harova, in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City, is one of Israel’s leading seminaries. The Midrasha offers an ideal setting for students to achieve spiritual and intellectual growth in a Religious Zionist framework. The open intellectual environment, combined with the wide variety of teachers, is particularly attractive to the creative student interested in exploring a range of ideas and approaches.

Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi

Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi, located in Jerusalem, places emphasis on teaching the skills to enable students to become independent in their studies. Featuring prominently in the schedule are Gemara, Tanach, Halacha and Machshava classes. The Yeshiva is sensitive to issues that students face during their growth process in Israel, and those that they will encounter in their subsequent university years. 

Yeshivat Hakotel

Yeshivat Hakotel overlooks the Western Wall, and aspires to give students the opportunity to learn Torah in an Israeli Yeshiva environment, fostering a true love of Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael through intense learning and interaction with Israeli students. The Yeshiva offers multi-level Gemara classes, Halacha, Machshava and Tanach shiurim, as well as special guest lectures on various topics.


What is Kivun?

The Kivun programme is a life-changing, integrated gap year experience with Bnei Akiva. The programme has been designed to facilitate the personal and religious growth of participants through diverse and challenging experiences, giving an authentic encounter with Israel.

Throughout the year, participants will learn a range of traditional and contemporary Jewish topics, be immersed in discussions surrounding the issues at the forefront of dialogue in Israeli politics and society today, and get to see and really contribute to Israel in an unparalleled manner. Our goal is for every participant to get excited about our ideology and develop your skills to be the next leaders of Bnei Akiva and beyond.

Kivun is based in Jerusalem, however the programme will take you the length and breadth of the country. You’ll spend time on kibbutz, volunteer in the north and experience the Israeli workplace through a work experience programme. You’ll have a choice between an army experience or volunteering with MDA, and you’ll have high-quality Jewish and Israel education running throughout the year, from text study to touring and with a large focus on practical and active learning. Celebrating Shabbatot and chagim together, including a group seder night and dancing through the streets for Yom Yerushalayim, Kivun is a powerful, immersive experience like no other.



Click to find out more information about Torani or  Kivun, or call Joe on 020 8209 1319 ext.1 or email to have a chat about your options.

Bnei Akiva gratefully appreciates the generous support of the Danielle and Michael Gross Bursaries provided through UJIA