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Bnei Akiva Machane 5779
Winter Machane: 23rd – 30th of December 2018 
Bnei Akiva Machane

Every summer and winter Bnei Akiva is the place to be as we run our fantastic machanot (camps) for Years 6-12. All the Bnei Akiva camps are run by volunteers, who go through a selection process from which only the most talented, responsible, capable and committed leaders are chosen.

The camps include:

  • Hours of fun and educational activities.
  • Sports, crafts and discussion workshops.
  • Day trips and special outdoor activities.
  • A unique experience of a Religious Zionist lifestyle in the modern world.
  • A chance to spend time with friends and meet new people from across the UK!

On top of this, the camps are carried out in the very special atmosphere, which only Bnei Akiva can offer. We pride ourselves on our informal Jewish education. Each camp has a separate theme and unique structure with each day dealing with a different aspect of this topic.

Winter Machanot

Bnei Akiva will be heading off to our fantastic Winter retreat! Situated in the hills of North Wales is a purpose built activity centre boasting log cabins, stunning woodland and high-ropes courses amongst the trees. The centre makes a perfect winter getaway, enabling us to create an idyllic youth village.

ALEPH  ( Year 6 and Year 7)

Aleph is specially designed to cater for our younger members, many of whom have never been to camp before. Our trained Madrichim aim to draw out and develop the individual talents and self-expression of each child in an atmosphere conducive to fun, learning and creativity. We know that it can sometimes be a bit daunting going  to camp, and that’s why we try to ensure the individual attention that each child needs; each child is allocated their own madrich to seek help or advice from at all times.

At Aleph, the theme of camp alternates between focusing  on mitzvot between man and his fellow man and the Jewish year. We look forward to building a foundation in your children’s Bnei Akiva experience, and hope that they learn through interesting discussions whilst enjoying themselves with friends new and old.

MA’APILIM ( Year 8 )

Ma’aplim is for our year 8 chanichim, many of whom have experienced machine before, and look forward to the fun of camp life. Every day is packed with fantastic events from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.

On Ma’aplim you’ll be exploring all aspects of the theme of ‘Beit Yehudi’ which will be looking deeper into the mitzvot relating to the Jewish home and to understand the reasons for each mitzvah. So put down your books, pack your bag and come to camp. For an amazing week of fun, catching up with your friends and even making some new ones, as well as strengthening your Bnei Akiva identity – the memories will last forever.

HAROEH  ( Year 9 )

Here you will experience an action packed week learning about Israel and the people who dreamt of rebuilding our homeland.  You will also see how Shevet Haroeh can start to make a difference in the world.

Whilst still having the fun, excitement and education, which you have come to expect from our camps, Haroeh Machane is the ideal platform to provide continued informal learning. We look forward to seeing our old friends and we are always delighted to greet new faces into the BA family – we cannot wait to see you there!

GIMMEL ( Year 10)

Gimmel is a special machane, as the year group that has been formed over previous machanot receives its own Shevet name, which carries the year group’s idea throughout the years.

The theme of the camp is looking at being Jewish in the modern world.  No doubt you’ll have strong opinions on this so Gimmel will provide the perfect forum for these discussions.  We also ensure that the Shevet leaves machane with a real passion and a sense of responsibility to start a chesed project of their own in Bnei Akiva


This is a very special machine for our year 12 chanichim, and is a must for those who wish to become Bnei Akiva madrichim in the future.  The ‘H’ stands for Hadracha (leadership), and this course will guide you through the skills that will stay with you for life, not just for machane.

Of course, you will still experience the full flavour of a Bnei Akiva machane, socialising with all your friends, and still having time for challenging tochniot, shiurim and discussions.  The week will end with all the theory that you have learnt being put into practice.  You will make a visit to a younger machane and become madrich for a day.  With loads of challenges, not to mention the excellent tochniot, you don’t want to miss this one – it is the last one as chanichim so make the most of it!


Summer Machanot

Nothing says summer like Bnei Akiva Machane and joining us is the best way to spend your holiday. This year Summer Machane will be from 1st-14th August 2018


Aleph – Year 6: The Journey Begins Here!

At Aleph, you will be travelling in the footsteps of our fathers, taking a journey through the stories of the Torah in so many exciting ways. Our aim is to develop your individual talents and self-expression in a fun and creative atmosphere!

We know that it can sometimes be a bit daunting going to camp for the first time and that’s why we offer every child individual attention; you will be allocated your own Madrich to seek help or advice from at all times. For a great holiday and a chance to make new friends from all over the country, there is no better place to be than Bnei Akiva Aleph Machane – it’s a winner all the way!

Cost: £790

Aleph Chalutzi- NEW SITE

Aleph Chalutzi  – Year 7: Brand New and Better than Ever!

Aleph Chalutzi Machane for Year 7 will be based under canvas.

You will learn some vital outdoor survival skills, it will be a fantastic team experience and you will form some special friendships and bonds. At Aleph Chalutzi you will learn about inspirational characters from Tanach and experience life as a Jewish people living in the Land of Israel.

Aleph Chalutzi will be an action-packed two weeks, with so many great activities, fantastic madrichim and a chance to start making the transition to living in a true Bnei Akiva campsite! Aleph Chalutzi will be the camp that rocks your summer – see you there!

Cost: £790


Bet Base – Year 8: The Ultimate Adventure Camp in Spain!!!!!!

Get ready to experience a summer you will never forget!

Our enthusiastic and dynamic madrichim will help make this the machane of your life! And with great outdoor adventure days, it’s going to be two weeks to remember! As well as the regular elements of camp which we all love, on Bet Base you will be able to enjoy the thrills of high ropes, archery, Machlaka, orienteering, team building and much more, all under the guidance of professional leaders. You can really push yourself to the limits! But, if you are a little apprehensive about outdoor activities, rest assured that Bet Base offers a variety of different activities to suit all chanichim.

The adventures don’t stop there – you will be transported on a whistle-stop tour of Jewish history looking at how the Jewish people lived in different places all around the globe and how they made their way back to their base, Israel! So pack your mountain boots, sunglasses and shorts (not too short) and join us for an incredible two weeks!

Cost: £850

Bet Chalutzi

Prepare for an amazing rollercoaster ride that will have you gripped
from beginning to end… and we’re not just talking about the theme
park! This amazing programme will involve day trips to European
cities including Basel and Zurich, a theme park in Italy and stunning
Tiyulim in The Alps.

On Bet Chalutzi you’ll be learning about how we achieved the
realisation of an age-old Jewish dream and built the State of Israel,
all through the lens of the question: “what does my future look like?”
As we explore 120 years of life in Israel we’ll discover the triumphs
of the modern state and the challenges and opportunities for the
future. On Bet Chalutzi you’ll take on the pioneering spirit and ask
“how will I shape my future and the future of Israel?”

Led by some of our finest madrichim, Bet Chalutzi is a machane not
to be missed!

Cost: £950



Gimmel – Year 10: Serious fun!

Gimmel are jet setting back off to the wonderful country of Spain. Located in a beautiful and homely site, there will be phenomenal tochniot planned by amazing Madrichim! As well as this, there will be plenty of time to relax in the sun and absorb the breath-taking views of the Spanish mountains.

Gimmel will be able to visit Madrid, giving an opportunity to have a great day out exploring the Capital and touring famous landmarks. Gimmel will also be making a stop at a beautiful small walled city called ‘Avila’ on the way up to the Spanish Mountains where they will be staying. Further to this, Gimmel will be learning about a nearby town called ‘Toledo’ which was once the centre for the Spanish Jews.

Not only that, a highlight of this trip will be the mountain hike and paint balling in the forest, where Gimmel will get to view and experience the beautiful high- top mountains and scenery.

This is the final summer Machane for you as Chanichim and it is the chance for you to be part of the exclusive Shevet Hineini atmosphere in an amazing site with all your friends.

So pack a bag, grab your passport and your smile and let’s make this a Gimmel to remember.

Cost: £990

Bet Midrash Programme

Bet Midrash Programme – A Summer of Torah

In recent years, Bnei Akiva has developed a Bet Midrash Programme, which enhances the level of Torah learning at machane. The Bet Midrash tent is situated in the heart of machane and is a focal point of learning for chanichim and madrichim alike.

The programme is run by a Rosh, along with a visiting rabbinical couple from Israel, and is aimed at those in Year 13, preparing them for a year of learning in Israel, as well as Bogrim who want to refresh their studies. The Bet Midrash Programme is a week-long course, which takes place in the first week of Machane. This year, there is an option to add a second week, should there be popular demand.


Working at Machanot

All of Bnei Akiva’s machanot are run by dedicated volunteers. From Technikim to Madrichim, and from Head Cooks to Roshim and Sganim; Bnei Akiva needs you to keep running our fantastic machanot.

When can I be a madrich/a?

The first time you can apply for a tafkid (job) at machane is when you are finishing Year 12. From then on you can apply for a tafkid every summer and winter machane.


What are my options?

You can apply for either a Hadracha or Technical tafkid. Hadracha madrichim run all the activities for the chanichim, from tochniot and kvutzot,

to chugim and shiurim. Technical madrichim take responsibility for the logistics of machane, from responsibilities in the kitchen to building the eruv and looking after the site.

Senior tafkidim include being Rosh, Sgan, Head Cook, T.O. or Rakaz. If you are interested in a senior tafkid contact the Technical Director.

When will I find out my tafkid?

Summer tafkidim are announced two months before machane and winter tafkidim are announced one month before machane. You will find out the exact date when you apply for machane.

Will I definitely get my first choice of tafkid?

When you apply for a tafkid you apply to be a madrich at machane and we ask you to state a preference to try and accommodate your wishes. However we cannot promise any tafkid before the application process is completed, and changes may need to be made to accommodate staffing requirements. We appreciate you applying for a tafkid but ask that you understand that we try our best to accommodate hundreds of people.

Why do I have to pay for my first tafkid?

The charge for first time madrichim covers the cost of training, including our new improved leadership training scheme, H Plus, which comprises hadracha, welfare and first aid training. The charge also goes towards subsidising precamp. It is an investment in your leadership, your personal development and in the continued success of Bnei Akiva.