• The school year shown in brackets is the school year you will enter in September 2020.
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  • If you currently don't have a DBS number you can still apply, but you must complete your DBS application before you can have a Tafkid at Sviva. Please email [email protected].
  • Please provide the details of two references who know you from a Bnei Akiva background.

  • Guidelines for Madrichim

    By ticking the box below I hereby agree to the commitments expected of me as a Madrich at a Bnei Akiva Sviva which include but are not limited to:

    1) Regular attendance at planning meetings

    2) Regular attendance at Sviva events/activities

    3) Attendance at training and leadership sessions

    I understand that if my commitment to these guidelines is deemed as lacking, Bnei Akiva reserve the right to terminate my involvement with Sviva.

  • Acceptance onto a Sviva Tsevet is subject to approval from the Mazkirut