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Ben Rothstein Quotes

A quick reminder as to how this page has come to be...
Sam Rothstein created a Veida motion at Veida 5783 (July 2023) which has resulted in BAUK being constitutionally bound to create this page.
All quotes must however be approved prior to their public release. So keep your eyes peeled for all of Ben's approved quotes

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Ben Rothstein

Ex-Chinuch Worker 5783

Ben was responsible for all the educational content of Bnei Akiva. This included publications such as Shabbat Lashem and weekly chovrot for Sviva. If he's not writing letters of complaint to Collins Dictionary, Ben can be found painstakingly trawling through previous editions of the Financial Times for obscure Bnei Akiva references.

This is ludicrous

Ben Rothstein | September 2023Said in relation to the Ben Rothstein Quotes page being published