Happy 80th Birthday!

In 2019 Bnei Akiva is celebrating it's 80th birthday in the UK! To mark this historic landmark we will be hosting 80 events across the country. See below for a few of the events coming up soon.

Winter Machane Party

This Winter Machane Chanichim will enjoy a spectacular end of year party to conclude our BA80 events! Complete with DJ, neon paint and glow sticks, get ready to celebrate the past and future of Bnei Akiva.


Hachnasat Sefer Torah

Sunday 2nd June


Bnei Akiva is commissioning a brand new Sefer Torah to commemorate our 80th birthday! This Torah will be used on our Summer and Winter Machanot, and Shabbatonim throughout the year. We would like to invite everyone in the tnua to donate a word, a Pasuk or more!

Click  the button below for more information, and to donate.


Bachad Fundraising Campaign

£80k for 80 Years

Each year Friends of Bnei Akiva (Bachad) has running costs of approximately £80,000. This covers our bursary scheme allowing everyone to attend Bnei Akiva activities regardless of financial constraints.

This year we are asking our Tnua to sign up for a standing order to Bachad of £80 a year (£6.66 per month). Our target is to find 1000 of our exceptional alumni and chaverim to sign up, and therefore ensure the long term sustainability of Bachad.

This is a huge challenge, but the positive impact it will have on Bnei Akiva and Bachad will be long lasting and significant. Donate today by clicking on the link below


Community Kiddushim

All Year

Across the Country

Bnei Akiva will be sponsoring Kiddushim in Shuls across the country, complete with birthday cake and balloons! We want to bring to simcha of this occasion to you, whether your community has a Sviva, or not. If you would like to bring a birthday kiddush to your community please get in touch by clicking on the button below!


BA80 Film Screening

Sunday 3rd February

To celebrate our 80th birthday we have commissioned a film looking at the impact Bnei Akiva has had on our community over the last 80 years. The film was screened in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Modiin, and can now be viewed at youtube.com/bneiakivauk

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Sviva Parties

All Year

Across the Country

Each Sviva in Bnei Akiva will be having their own unique celebration for Bnei Akiva’s 80th Birthday. Let the fun begin with a range of parties planned. One thing is certain… there will be cake!

Yom Ha’Atzamaut

Wednesday 8th May

London and Manchester

Join us to celebrate Israel’s independence with a moving Yom Hazikaron service, followed by celebratory davening, dancing and partying… and this year its a double celebration – BA80 and YH71!

An event not to be missed!

If you would like to RSVP by email, click on the button below