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Asher Cailingold's History of Bnei Akiva

In the year 2000 Asher Cailingold wrote a chapter on the history of Bnei Akiva and Bachad in the book titled ‘The Jewish Emigrant from Britain, 1700-2000’


Gerald Lever's Memories of Thaxted 1944-1951

Gerald Lever currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. He grew up in London before being evacuated to Harrogate, and first became involved with Bnei Akiva in 1944. He experienced Thaxted, Bnei Akiva Summer Camps, and much more. Read his memories below.

Key Events

1945 – First Aliyah

1949 – Hityashvut of Kibbutz Lavi

1954 – World Bnei Akiva formed

1956 – Herbert Laster Memorial Hostel cornerstone consecrated

1961 – International Machane Avodah at Thaxted

1962 – Thaxted sold

Images from the era